By Guy Routledge

Watch: The Axis of Flexbox

By Guy Routledge

Do you have the basics of Flexbox down, but want to dive into the specifics of how Flexbox works?

In this screencast, you will learn about the axes of Flexbox, which are different than the traditional top to bottom, left to right axes. You’ll discover why this system of axes works so well for Flexbox, and what it can do for your layouts.

If you’re new to Flexbox I’d recommend having a read of Migrating to Flexbox by Cutting the Mustard by Bashkim Isai. If you prefer videos then luckily for you this is the second video in our new Discovering Flexbox for Layouts collection on SitePoint Premium.

Happy viewing!

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  • Ralph Mason

    This is the first time I’ve seen axes described in the context of text direction—which is really helpful in understanding this subject. Well done! (And what an excellent speaking voice!)

  • Francisc

    Very nice. It was a good idea to approach it as text direction. Good voice.

  • Granit

    You’re kidding right? Do you want him to use examples from your next project or what?

  • Ondreas

    Well presented and perfectly described. I wasn’t aware that the text-direction property does have an impact on the flex-direction flow. What an eye opener. Thanks for bringing this up.
    P.S.: Perfect voice, btw !!! No need for CC at all. (just saying) :D

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