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Have you ever wanted more control over your HTML list bullets? In this screencast I show you how to use CSS counters for greater flexibility in building custom lists or any other kind of sequence in which you want automatic numbering. This technique allows for complete control over the list bullets, and there are even more neat functionalities that you maybe didn’t know existed in CSS.

You can find the code samples for the screencast on GitHub.

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Guilherme MullerGuilherme Muller
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Guilherme is passionate about web development, especially HTML and CSS coding. With more than 10 years of experience, Guilherme works as a freelance web developer with clients of various fields, having published more than a hundred websites. Currently, Guilherme has his own small web development company in Curitiba, Brazil. When Guilherme is not coding, he’s usually running, reading, playing his cajón or travelling with his wife around Brazil and the world as “almost” backpackers.

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