By Matthew Magain

WaSP Gives SitePoint Books The Thumbs Up

By Matthew Magain

A collection of WaSP Street Team BookmarksThe Web Standards Project’s new Street Team are running a guerrilla marketing campaign to warn retail customers about books that are outdated or teach techniques that are not considered best practice.

This is the first of the “street team” initiatives that the group has undertaken, and they’ve done so with a passionate but witty call to arms:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to track down and identify dangerously outdated web resources and expose them as the misleading charlatans they truly are.

The bookmarks direct readers to a page on the WaSP site that contains a list of recommended, up-to-date books. We’re obviously very pleased to see over 20% of the books listed are SitePoint titles:

The WaSP street team have a PDF of the bookmark available for download (PDF, 3.4MB), so you can print it out and discreetly place it in any outdated web design books that you discover in your local bookstore.

  • XLCowBoy

    Where’s The PHP Anthology? That is, by far, one of the very best PHP books I’ve read. Better than Programming PHP by O’Reilly.

    Congrats to the SitePoint crew!

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence XLCowBoy. The term “web standards” generally applies to client-side technologies, not server-side technologies, so any books about server-side languages like PHP or Rails are unlikely to appear on the list.

  • Aedus

    Half of my client side library is in the above list. Hah!

  • I own all of those titles and would have to agree. Quality work boys! Keep it up.

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