Vote For These SitePoint SXSW Panels

    Matthew Magain
    Matthew Magain

    A few members of the SitePoint team have proposed panels for next year’s SXSW Interactive festival.

    We’re pretty excited about these panels — if you think they sound interesting, we’d appreciate your vote!

    • FREE: Should I Just Give All My Sh!t Away?

      Web 2.0 is out. Instead, “Web free-dot-oh” is changing the way we think about business online. But how does one make money by giving away products and services for free? Hear this panel of leading thinkers, economists and online publishers dissect and debate the various business models of the freeconomy.

    • How to Build Your Tribe

      Learn how to build and nurture a tribe of supporters that will help you grow your startup, non-profit or mission. The founders of Dogster, Mixergy, SitePoint, and Reddit teach what they learned as they built their tribes.

    • Understanding Where Conversations End and Selling Begins

      Social media is now critical in modern marketing mix. However the emergence of a social media corporate etiquette is creating real barriers between a conversation and direct sale. So how do you effectively transfer your conversations to a sale without risking your online reputation? That’s what will be answered.

    • Ten Tips for Attracting More Visitors to Your New Website

      These days just having content on your website is not enough. Competition for audience marketshare is growing daily and only those with a promotional mindset will stand out in the crowd. In this panel we’ll discuss how community engagement and an effective promotional strategy can give your business the edge.

    • Marketing and Online Communities: Oil and Water?

      Online communities represent captive audiences, having conversations that you want your company to be a part of. But, communities are built upon trust and respect that is earned and are rightfully protective of their space. So, how do you connect with them? That’s what we’ll discuss.

    Hopefully we’ll see you in the audience!

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