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Tim Evko
Tim Evko

In this video I’ll walk through, explaining what to look for when evaluating a site for performance. I’ll also mispronounce the url a few times, sorry about that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Understanding

What is and how does it work? is a free online tool that allows you to analyze the performance of your website. It works by simulating how your webpage loads in a real user’s browser. The tool provides a detailed report that includes load time, first byte time, and start render time. It also provides a visual representation of how your webpage loads, allowing you to identify any bottlenecks or performance issues.

How can I interpret the results from

The results from can be quite detailed and technical. However, the key metrics to look out for are the load time, first byte time, and start render time. The load time is the total time it takes for your webpage to load, the first byte time is the time it takes for the first byte of data to be received by the browser, and the start render time is when the first visual elements start to appear on the webpage.

How can I improve my website’s performance based on the results from

The results from can provide valuable insights into how you can improve your website’s performance. For example, if your load time is high, you might need to optimize your images or reduce the number of HTTP requests. If your first byte time is high, you might need to look into your server performance or your network connection.

Can I use for mobile website testing?

Yes, allows you to test how your website performs on various mobile devices. You can select the specific device and network conditions to simulate a real user’s experience.

What are the key features of offers a range of features to help you analyze your website’s performance. These include detailed performance reports, visual representations of how your webpage loads, the ability to test on different devices and network conditions, and the option to conduct advanced testing such as multi-step transactions and video capture.

How does compare to other website performance testing tools? is a comprehensive and versatile tool that provides detailed performance reports. While other tools may offer similar features, stands out for its ability to simulate a real user’s experience on various devices and network conditions.

Is suitable for beginners?

While provides detailed and technical information, it also offers a user-friendly interface that is suitable for beginners. The tool provides clear explanations for each metric, making it easy for users of all levels to understand their website’s performance.

Can I use to test the performance of my competitor’s website?

Yes, you can use to test any public webpage. This can provide valuable insights into how your website compares to your competitors in terms of performance.

How often should I test my website with

It’s recommended to test your website regularly, especially after making any significant changes. Regular testing allows you to monitor your website’s performance and identify any issues promptly.

Is reliable?

Yes, is a reliable tool that is widely used by web developers and SEO professionals. It provides accurate and detailed performance reports, making it a trusted resource for website performance testing.