Trickster for Mac: Quick access to your latest files – only $4.97

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Trickster for Mac: Quick access to your latest files – only $4.97

Is your desktop like a crazy minefield full of downloaded images and documents that you tossed there so you could easily find them later on? Do you hate when applications download files for you and then it takes you hours to find where they saved them on your computer? Yeah, Finder’s a great tool on the Mac, but it still can be a major timesuck to find the files and folders you need right now.

Good news for Mac users, though. There’s now an alternative to Finder. Thanks to the powerful toolTrickster, your days of hunting high and low for files and folders are over. Trickster puts the power of file finding at your fingertips. With Trickster, everything’s right there in your Menu Bar, just one click away.

Trickster Highlights:

  • Never Search for a File Again:
    Trickster does a fantastic job at keeping track of all the files you’ve been using recently. No need to search high and low through your entire computer to find that one file.
  • Speed Up Your Productivity:
    Forget about wasting time searching your downloads folder or the rest of your hard drive for those files to attach to an email. Everything you need is just one click away withTrickster.
  • Easily Organize Your Files:
    No need to ever open Finder again on your Mac. With Trickster you can simply drag and drop files exactly where you want them.
  • Create Your Own Favorites Sidebar:
    It’s simple to set up your own favorites sidebar. Add your most-used folders and files to access any time you want. Fast and simple.
  • Save for Later:
    Have some important files you can’t get to right away but want to read later? WithTrickster, you can flag them as important and easily access them later with just a single click of your mouse.
  • File Filters:
    With a variety of file type filters, it couldn’t be easier to find what you’re looking for. Do a search and filter with “show images only.” You can even create custom filters such as “Pages files in Documents folder” to help you narrow down your search.
  • Full File Control in Your Menu Bar:
    Trickster gives you quick and easy control over finding your files and documents. Whether it’s a search, your most recent files and folders, or any sort of list you create, it’s all just a mouse click away right there in your Menu bar.

Trickster normally sells for $9.95, but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic Mac app for only $4.97 and kiss lengthy file searches goodbye.

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