By Alyssa Gregory

Five New Tools for Maximizing Facebook

By Alyssa Gregory

Since we’re talking Facebook today, I thought it would be a fitting time to share a few Facebook apps and Facebook-extending tools that recently launched.

All of these services are focused on helping you maximize your use of fan pages and personal profiles, either through streamlined marketing, setup assistance or connecting with other Facebook users.



Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder tool allows you to custom design and build your own Facebook page without any technical or graphics skills and instantly publish it to Facebook. It is a free service, and allows users to add pictures, embed videos, change the colors, type in a text, and more.



Not just limited to Facebook, Shoutworthy allows you to recognize people you’ve hired, collaborated with or simply witnessed do great work, and share their accomplishments with others through social networks. You sign up with Shoutworthy, then make a recommendation by selecting one of your Facebook connections and posting your comment on their wall and to Twitter.


Static 520

Static 520

Static 520 takes some of the overwhelm out of creating custom FBML pages for anyone not accustomed to creating content for the Web, or for those who want a quicker way to do it. You simply select the content and layout you want on your fan page, and Static 520 will create the code. Then you copy and paste it into your Static FBML app.

Storefront Social

Storefront Social

The Storefront Social Facebook app lets you create a shopping experience for your fans, right from your fan page. You can highlight products, encourage sharing, offer discounts and allow purchasers to click Buy Now and automatically be connected to your shopping cart.



Tabfusion offers a collection of apps for your Facebook profile or fan page that allows you to customize your tabs. They currently have apps for Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, music and a few others with a slate of apps listed as coming soon.

Have you used any of these? Are there other tools or apps that you use to do more with your Facebook profile or fan pages?

  • MiproApps Team

    Dear Sitepoint,

    We’ve released MiproApps which is an excellent, rich and WYSIWYG designer for Facebook fanpages. Users can choose from a wide variety of 34 available widgets like Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Paypal Donation, Google Maps, Polls and a lot more. And best of all is it’s free

    You can check it out at http://miproapps.com – We’ve also recently been reviewed at KillerStartup, AppBistro and BlogModerateur

    MiproApps Team

  • gettafreebie

    Cool article thanks, my facebook page is in need of a bit of a revamp. Especially now they’ve reduced tab width to 520px, which has destroyed my custom FBML boxes. I’ll be checking out Tabfusion asap .. Cheers http://www.gettafreebie.co.uk

  • Aaron

    I’m so into fbml right now! thanks for the great post!

    I figure I’d share this with you since it’s helped me a lot, theres such a great community of people over there! – http://www.facebook.com/fanpagefactory

    Enjoy! Thanks again!

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