By Harry Fuecks

The Underground PHP and Oracle manual

By Harry Fuecks

Chris Jones just announced the publication of the PHP and Oracle Manual (PDF) and from a high speed eyeballing, it’s good – basically tells you everything you need to know to be able to do useful stuff with PHP + Oracle but with little assumed knowledge.

In fact it seems to be geared to the typical LAMP developer – for example there’s a section on “Installing Oracle XE on Debian, Ubuntu and Kubuntu” plus sections on “Limiting Rows and Creating Paged Datasets” and “Auto-Increment Columns” show an awareness that readers will probably have MySQL experience.

Perhaps one addendum (I didn’t find reference to it) would be pointing readers at SQL Developer, which is a fairly new, free offering from Oracle as a desktop based development tool – the Underground manual focuses on a web based interface to Oracle – something logically equivalent to phpMyAdmin and a good starting point I guess but if you have to do real work, SQL Developer is probably a better choice.

Anyway, given that Oracle XE is free (as in free for developers to mess around with it) and this guide, pretty much all you need if you want to learn your way around Oracle.

  • mtjo

    Thanks for the PDF link. Setting up sequences was pretty straight foward, but I had to go deep into Google searchs to find limit/offset equivs when I was rewriting a DB access app. This should make it easier for others starting with Oracle. The SQL Developer is a welcome tool as the XE web interface was kind of a hassle to use as I had to start the service and logout/login to use it. But at 28M w/o the JRE is rather big. Maybe the folks at EMS will come up with an Oracle admin tool soon.

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  • Tim

    It was indeed a joyous occassion to load Sitepoint this morning and see that weird nav collapsing problem on the home page under IE7 is now fixed. Whoever fixed it, thank you.

    Good link Harry, been meaning to look into Oracle for a while, its one of the few SQL databases I haven’t touched yet. This could be the kick start I needed to get motivated.

  • CJ

    Thanks Harry. SQL Developer is on the list of things to mention in the next-version-whenever-that-is.

    Oracle XE is not only free for developers, it is free to use in production. You can also distribute it with your applications.

    Chris Jones

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