The Ultimate Money-making Blog Smackdown

In the MMO world (that’s an acronym for Making Money Online, for the rest of us), and are both notable blogs.

As is the case with many markets, online and off, there exists a healthy competition between the owners of these two competing sites. And as is often the case with individuals who enjoy talking about the money they make, this translates into a bunch of trash talk, teasing and a fair amount of back-and-forthing. For the readers of the blogs, this is no doubt highly entertaining, and probably drives traffic to both sites in question.

This latest stunt caught my attention — a competition to build a blog from scratch in a designated niche in 30 days, and see who can sell it for the highest price on the SitePoint Marketplace:


Instead of seeing who can make the most money with the blogs, lets invest 30 days into developing, marketing and building the blog and then list them for sale in SitePoint and see who can get the highest successful winning bid on selling it? The person who can sell their niche blog for the highest amount in a NO RESERVE Sitepoint auction wins the game. Both sites will end up selling and the runner up who sells for less, transfers their earnings to the winner of the game.

Details surrounding the rules of the competition are still being fleshed out, but I’m watching this one with a keen eye! In fact, I think I’ll start taking bets around the office on who will be victorious.

Pick a team and follow the action (either at or