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The Limitations of CFML (And Ways Around Them)


…posted by davidjmedlock:

ASP and PHP developers have an advantage over us CF’ers. They can write an application, put it together in a nice neat package, and sell it to customers without having to confront the issues of having a customer purchase a license for PHP or ASP and install it and configure it, etc. PHP and ASP hosting are commonplace, easy to find, and very inexpensive.

But for us CF coders, we have to worry about a few different challenges. First, our potential customer base has thus far been limited to ColdFusion developers or companies already utilizing the technology. And that’s fine. There are who-knows-how-many people already making good use of ColdFusion. But, shouldn’t we be able to expand our customer base beyond just those who already have a ColdFusion host or server? The answer is yes. And there’s an apparently easy way to do it.

Now, I’ve only just begun reading about BlueDragon and Coral recently, so I don’t have all the details about these two solutions just yet. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be researching them more carefully and reporting back here about them. In the meantime, I suggest that everyone take a look at BlueDragon from New Atlanta and Coral. Both of these solutions look promising for the ColdFusion community and in the near future I hope to explore them more fully and explain how they can be used to expand our customer base and, as Vince Bonfanti put it, sell them a solution, not a technology. Enjoy. :D