The JSPro Newsletter is Out!

    Tom Museth

    Exploding onto the scene in a tumult of JavaScripty awesomeness is the latest addition to the SitePoint network newsletter stable — JSPro. It hits subscriber inboxes on the morning of Monday, November 5, and will appear every fortnight from thereon.

    The first edition contains a raft of cool articles on everything from using cookies in JavaScript, to getting started with the MooTools framework, to creating your very own Sea Battle video game. Plus there’s links to SitePoint’s new Jump Start Node.js book and the new Node.js Quizpoint site, where you can test out your Node nous.

    All SitePoint newsletter subscribers will get the first JSPro newsletter free, but only as a one-off. If you’re keen to keep subscribing — and why wouldn’t you be, if you’re a JavaScript fan? — you can sign up over at the JSPro subscription page.

    Enjoy the newsletter, send us your feedback, and happy scripting!