Stock up Your Digital Learning Device for the Holidays

By Mick Gibson

The SitePoint Christmas Countdown is nearing its end but by no means slowing down.
Today, we’re opening up our epacks/ebooks/PDFs, in a crazy digital deal!

For the next 24 hours, you can grab 5 Digital Books for ONLY $29
(that’s less than $6 each!) or you can buy them individually for $9.

5 digital books for $29!

Don’t waste any time.

Stock up your digital learning device (laptop, computer, iPad, Kindle) with these great books and start 2012 with all you need to become a better web developer!

Meet the author
Mick is a digital sales architect with over 13 years experience on the web. He helps businesses, clients and start-ups - plan, action and measure their digital sales success. Including getting hands-on with Google AdWords, conversion rate optimization, retargeting and email marketing.
  • sjb

    what is epack format? (kindle, nook something else?) What device or software download do I need to read it?

    thank you,

  • dayna

    Hello! Is the Web Design Business Kit included in this deal by chance?

  • Mick Gibson

    Hey there … epacks include: PDF for Adobe Reader, MOBI for Amazon Kindle and EPUB for iPad/iPhone. I hope that helps :) Mick

  • dayna

    I got my answer with today’s deal. Thanks Sitepoint!


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