SitePoint Podcast #8: The Case For Web Apps

By Kevin Yank

Episode 8 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week your hosts are Patrick O’Keefe (@ifroggy), Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves), Brad Williams (@williamsba), and Kevin Yank (@sentience).

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Episode Summary

Here are the topics covered in this episode:

Click Fraud At All-time High

Display Ad Prices Continue to Drop

Blog Networks Struggling Under Dropping Ad Prices

JPEG XR Expected in 2009

Ma.gnolia Goes Down in Flames with No Database Backup

Adobe AIR Hits 100 Million Installations

IE8 RC1 Released

Main Show Topic: The Case For Web Apps

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  • I’m not sure I’m all that encouraged to send through my thoughts if your going to ‘make a meal of it’ :). Another good show guys.

  • Great cast – also noteworthy that Adobe air is happily running on my Linux box – and regularly used with BBC iPlayer ;)

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