By Kevin Yank

Signs JBuilder is on the way out

By Kevin Yank

Eclipse, the emerging de facto standard in Java IDEs, is everywhere at the moment, with EclipseCon 2005 having recently wrapped in Burlingame, California.

JavaLobby just sent out its report on the conference to its email list. As a JBuilder user, one of the big bits of news was that Borland is breaking its long-held independence on the Java IDE front and will be porting some of the best features of JBuilder to Eclipse.

But what does this mean for JBuilder?

When it comes to the future of JBuilder, I was not able to get a definite answer. When I asked if Borland would continue to support JBuilder, I was told “for the foreseeable future”. When I asked how long that was, I was told “about a year”. When I asked if that meant that Borland was in fact, planning to phase out JBuilder eventually, I was given the “I can’t comment on that but customer demand will play a roll” answer. So my impression is that Borland is definitely considering phasing out JBuilder.


  • Sad to see that JBuilder is going to die out. I still use it to this day for Java programming. I typical prefer Borland products, but I only actively use JBuilder and C++Builder. I don’t want to see any of them die out though :(

  • Lachlan

    I for one will be very happy to see JBuilder go. Eclipse and IntelliJ seem to be leading the market at the minute and with good reason.

  • Dr Livingston


    never a fan of eclipse since it ain’t open source and the licence is expensive but i took jbuilder for a spin a while back and liked it

    too bad it has to go though, competition is always a good thing in my view :(

  • Eclipse is based on VAJ, it’s open source if memory serves. I was a long time VAJ user, a very very creative product.

  • ColdRolledSteel

    Eclipse is open source, go to

  • I am a big Borland fan. This is news to me… I have been looking over the press releases from Eclipse. They (Borland) seem to be embracing this open source tool (Eclipse), and I am sure their influence will be well received. Hard to compete with open source. Hope they stay around.

  • Dr Livingston

    Eclipse is open source? it is?? thought it was commercial it was…

    umm, seams i’m wrong then huh? :p ;)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Eclipse was and is open source. It was made to eclipse the great SUN of Sun Microsystems in the Universe of Java, hence the name :-) Now that it is adopted by IBM you can expect it to become still better.

  • Dave

    I use both Eclipse (with MyEclipse plugin) and JBuilder. With the plugin Eclipse has all the featues of JBuilder but I would still go with JBuilder every time. Eclipse is riddled with time-wasting design flaws that could have been picked up with any half decent QA programme. I could give you a list but just try this one:

    CTRL-F searches in the current file. First you get a pop-up dialog which stays during the search and obscures what you are searching for. Second press Find Next a couple of times and the found text appears on the very last line of the window so you can’t see the context.

  • Charlie Havener

    I upgraded to JBuilder 2005 from JBuilder 9 and it is the worst and buggiest JBuilder ever. I am extremely unhappy with it. The Swing GUI builder takes minutes to load with any real GUI project, the JSP editor flags many tag errors that are not errors, etc etc.

  • netBeans here…

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