By Shayne Tilley

Sexy Web Design Is Back In Stock

By Shayne Tilley

Sexy Web Design CoverOur smash hit new book Sexy Web Design may have sold out in the blink of an eye, but a big shipment of shiny new copies has just landed …

Order a copy now for just $39.95, and get a free hexadecimal color card (worth $7.95)

Here’s what some happy customers have said about the book:

Sexy Web Design is aimed at people looking not only to improve their design processes but also to improve on your knowledge in creating structure, mood, usability and more into your layouts. After reading Elliot’s book I worked on a new website template for a client and the difference was major! Thanks to Elliot for helping me to bring sexy back!

A really useful design book, with a refreshing take on design layout and good explanations on Grid layouts. The book has plenty of current good design examples and some useful url links to resources that any designer shouldn’t be without. I’ve read the book from front to back, twice since it arrived 3 days ago. A must have!

Using Sexy Web Design, you’ll see just how easy it is to create aesthetically pleasing and usable web site designs that just work.

This gorgeous, full-color book will help you master design fundamentals, unleash your creative talents, and create beautiful web interfaces from scratch.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy before stocks run out!

  • Joe544

    Does this mean those who got the book but not there free colour chart card will receive this now?

  • Anonymous

    Is there any sort of student discount for this?

    I’m getting my BS in Web Design and Development from American Sentinel University and both myself and some of my fellow students are certainly interested in a resource like this…

    Being a student though definitely makes it difficult to afford resources like this- please let me know if there’s a student deal and I’ll pass the info along to everyone in my class! Thanks!

  • wildscribe

    Hurray! I was one of the many who tried to order this book last week, but was told that all the copies had been sold. Now I’ll be able to get one. Thank you SitePoint.

  • Boyscout

    I ordered this book and the PHP anthology, but only got the latter. Will my copy of Sexy Web Design be shipped now?

  • Andrew Gardner


    We are definitely back in stock of the color cards and the folks at our warehouse are furiously flying through all back orders as we speak.

    if you don’t get yours within a week, just drop us a line at and we’ll follow up immediately.


    Andrew Gardner
    SitePoint Customer Support

  • Looks like an interesting book, I have a few sitepoint books – I’ll have to get this one too!

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