On Our Radar: Q&A, Experiments and the End of Browsers

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This week marked exciting times for our Forum. Our most serious discovery was that printers are made of three main sections: the main plastic case, the jammed paper tray, and an angry red light.

On Our Radar:

We were incredibly lucky and #blessed to host not one but two live Q&A sessions with Microsoft this week on Azure Mobile Systems, with a focus on Notifications. Microsoft Evangelist Andrew Coates was open about his work on AMS, mobile dev, and cloud stuff. Keep a lookout for the next Microsoft Q&A session which is a mega one-hour session with two awesome topics, and let us know what kind of experts you want us to talk to in the future.

Is this the end of all browsers or just Internet Explorer? Ralph was inspired by a Medium article and we talk all things Apple, watches, Safari and IE. If we didn’t have browsers, how would we navigate this world wide web of ours? Interesting concepts to think about and add your opinion to on our Forums.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.01.17 pm

Mawburn wants to know about your experience pair programming. Are you for or against it? How comfortable is it sharing the same screen and desk with another human being? Does it give you cleaner code, ultimately, or is it a waste of time (and possibly personal space?)

In Short

If you’re looking for a job, check out this seriously cool resume experiment.

Help us settle the age old question Do you write < ? blah blah…?> or < ?php blahblahh…?>

Check out our two loving curations, this week in Javascript and this week in .NET.

Ask Microsoft Anything!

Our last Q&A takes place on April 7, 10-11am AEST (check your local time). It’s a mega one-hour live session. Covering cross-platform development, Microsoft Technical Evangelists Esther Mosad and Paul Usher will talk all things Visual Studio, Phone Gap, Xamarin and DevExtreme. Join us, or live forever with inferior knowledge.

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