Psst…. ‘The Principles of Beautiful Web Design’ now available here.

The Principles of Beautiful Web DesignSo, a month or two back many of you spotted Jason Beaird’s ‘The Principles of Beautiful Web Design’ in our ‘Upcoming Titles’ list and you want to know where in the Sam Hill is it?

Officially… we’re not scheduled to release it till next week.

However, given so many people are psyched about it, rather than answer one more email with ‘Hang in there — it’s coming‘, I can tell you it’s now available immediately, but only via the special link below.

A sneek peek insideAmazon actually have this book listed, but they’ve already sold out of their initial stock run (which they only just received a few days ago). To be honest, the popularity of this book has blown us away – it had a sales rank of #59 early in the week and #2 in the Computers & Internet category — which is a stunning result. To put that into perspective for you, in the colossal book cosmos that is Amazon, we generally consider anything under 1,000 a top seller.

Consequently, right now (at this link) is the only way you can get this book online – we’re stocked up to the hilt and ready to ship now!

Color CardAnd just to sweeten the deal a little more: For a limited time we’re not only matching Amazon’s price ($26.37) but also throwing in a Handy RGB Color & Font Reference Card.

Can’t be fairer than that.

I’m not sure if this is the best book we’ve ever done, but it’s undoubtedly my favorite to date. We’ve been kicking around the idea of a ‘Design Rules for Geeks’ book for five years now, but it all seemed too hard for a long time. It’s much easier to visualize a coder’s book from the start and finding someone able to ‘think art’ but ‘speak geek’ was a tough ask. Jason not only fits the bill perfectly, but injects his strange but very enjoyable humor too.

Enough said. Check it out.