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Launchlist is a free app for web designers and developers which aims to be a helping hand when your web site’s launch date approaches. Essentially the app is a check list of questions which should be answered before launching a new site. The app creates a report which you can use as a checkpoint before you unleash your beautiful new creation on the world.


To use the app, you enter your name, email, project details and web site URL. If you’re testing someone else’s site you can add a Recipient’s name and email and they will also receive the report created using this app. The user then works through the pre-launch questions, answering Yes or No as they go. If a question is irrelevant you can mark it as N/A and it is disregarded. There are almost thirty questions on the checklist and you can add your own custom fields at the bottom if you want to.

Some of the questions are design related, but also include checks with an accessibility and SEO focus. Sample questions include:

  • All text free from spelling errors?
  • Content has been placed consistently?
  • Page & Content formatting has been tested?
  • Print stylesheet exists and tested?
  • Meta data has been included and is appropriate?


On completion, the form is submitted and you and your recipients will receive a report of your checklist with a summary for your records.

Do you need an app to do this? Well not really, no. You could easily create your own list on paper or in a word document. However, you might find this app useful because it’s already structured for you and because of the report that is created at the end of the process.

Launchlist is currently available for free but you can sign up to be informed of when the Pro version launches with additional features.

Have you used Launchlist? Did you find it helpful? Do you have your own checklist that you run through before launching web sites?

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Jennifer Farley is a designer, illustrator and design instructor based in Ireland. She writes about design and illustration on her blog at Laughing Lion Design.

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