SitePoint Premium New Releases: Cybersecurity & DevOps Adoption

    Joel Falconer

    We’re working hard to keep you on the cutting edge of your field with SitePoint Premium. We’ve got plenty of new books to check out in the library — let us introduce you to them.

    The DevOps Adoption Playbook

    This award-winning book provides actionable, real-world guidance on implementing DevOps in large-scale enterprise IT environments, explaining how to achieve high-value innovation and optimization with low cost and risk, and exceed traditional business goals with higher product release efficiency.

    ➤ Read The DevOps Adoption Playbook.

    Hacking the Hacker

    In this book, top ethical hackers discuss advanced persistent threats, public key encryption, firewalls, hacking cars, tools and techniques, social engineering, cryptography, penetration testing, network attacks, advice for parents of young hackers, the Code of Ethical Hacking, and much more.

    ➤ Read Hacking the Hacker.

    And More to Come…

    We’re releasing new content on SitePoint Premium almost every day, so we’ll be back next week with the latest updates. And don’t forget: if you haven’t checked out our offering yet, take our library for a spin.