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This FAQ isn’t exactly Wikipedia, is it? If your question isn't listed, ask it here, and we’ll get back to you, pronto.

How does it work?

  1. You’re really excited and knowledgeable about some aspect of web design or development.
  2. Being a charming, altruistic, and caring individual, you long to share your knowledge with others.
  3. You browse SitePoint courses, but there are no courses quite like the one you’d teach.
  4. “Boy,” you think. “That’s crazy. People would kill to know this stuff.”
  5. You Sign up to SitePoint.
  6. You check out the incredibly-easy-to-use SitePoint course tools.
  7. “Wow,” you murmur. “They really are incredible. These guys weren’t kidding.”
  8. You fetch a pencil and some paper, and plan out the structure of your course.
  9. You break the structure into lessons. You begin to feel kind of, well, excited about all this.
  10. You work out what you’ll teach in each lesson. You decide what media you’ll use to explain each part of each lesson: video, text, exercises for students to complete, downloadable resources—you name it! Now you’re getting really excited.
  11. Is that the phone ringing? You ignore it and jump back into SitePoint.
  12. You build your course, adding text, dropping in videos you’ve made, and uploading files for your eager students to use.
  13. You launch the course. We review it, approve it, and publish it to the world. Perhaps you crack a pack of Skittles. Really, how you celebrate is entirely up to you.
  14. You tell your friends about the course. You link to it from your blog, your email signature, your friend’s website—everywhere!
  15. People begin to take your course. They ask questions about it in the discussion area. You meet some great people who share your interest, and you help them learn about it.
  16. “This is cool,” you think to yourself. Then you get paid when SitePoint members take your course. “Scratch that,” you decide. “This is really cool.”
  17. You head back to step 1. There’s something else you know a heck of a lot about …

Come on. We want to know what you know. Share!

What does a course look like?

SitePoint courses are made up of lessons, like a subject in school was made up of classes. Students start at the beginning and build skills with each lesson.

Planning a SitePoint course

Like a school class, each of your lessons might include text, video, exercises, and other resources. Everything’s online—all your students need to access your course is a web browser. And if they already know some of the material, they can skip it.

Your course has a discussion area. Here, you can answer questions your students ask, get to know them, and generally share the love.

To really get your head around the student experience, enroll in a SitePoint course yourself.

How do I make money?

Like this:

  1. You prepare the course using the SitePoint course tools.
  2. We host it and look after the technicalities behind the scenes.
  3. As a SitePoint member takes courses during a month, SitePoint remembers which courses were taken
  4. At the start of the next month, SitePoint distributes a percentage of the membership fee to the teachers of courses that members have taken.
  5. Once your account has a balance, you can transfer it to your PayPal account.

The percentage of the membership fee that is distributed to teachers varies according to a number of factors:

  • the membership plan to which a member belongs
  • how a member joined SitePoint (that is, via an affiliate or partner, or direct via
  • payment processing fees (which vary according to how each member pays)

The basic principle is that the more that SitePoint members engage with your course, the more money in your pocket!

The best way to get a feel for how much money you're likely to make through a SitePoint course is to get in touch and we can offer some sense of how similar courses are working for their instructors.

When will I get paid?

You can transfer the balance of your SitePoint Commission Account to you PayPal account at any time. You can now withdraw your money from PayPal. Simple!

SitePoint Commission balances are updated during the first week of a month to reflect member activity in the previous month.

What if I become bored of running my course?

Let us know: we’ll handle it.

Who owns the content of my course?

You do. You wrote it, prepared it, and supported it. You own it!

We’d love to have exclusive use of your course content, but if you want to offer that content elsewhere—in a classroom, blog, book, or somewhere else—that’s up to you. Just let us know.

Will you edit or QA my course?

Hey, you’re the expert here! You're the only person who looks after your course content.

That said, if we spot an obvious typo or a broken link, we’ll jump in and fix it. This makes life easy for members, and makes you look great too.

Can I brand my course with my business name?

Nope, you can’t brand a course on SitePoint. But you can add your business’s logo or website URL to any videos, slides, or downloadable resources you include in your course.

What if there are already courses on my subject?

Ah! We love the smell of competition in the morning!

So, someone’s already made a course on your topic. So what? Tackle the topic from a different angle. Put your own unique spin on things. Present your ideas, and do things differently.

If the other courses are basic, build one that’s more advanced. If the other courses teach a traditional approach, focus your course on a little-known aspect, or insider secrets.

Who decides if my course goes live?

We do. But our criteria are fairly easy to meet. If your course:

  • shows your passion for web development or web design
  • is clear and well-presented
  • doesn’t contain offensive material

… we’ll likely approve it.

Like delightfully benevolent dictators, we have the power to remove your course from SitePoint if you later add material that infringes any of these criteria. But if that happens, we’ll let you know, so you can alter your course and re-list it if you choose to.

See? We meant it when we said “delightfully benevolent.”

If you’re at all worried that the course you’re building may not be approved, just get in touch. We’re always happy to take a look at a work in progress and let you know what we think.

Sure. Affiliate links are fine. Just make sure you tell your students whenever you include an affiliate link. For example:

“The sites I’ve linked to and recommended in this course are ones I believe offer real value. Some of these recommendations include affiliate links, which may generate revenue for me.”

Some users get a bit twitchy about affiliate links. Tell them up-front, and you’re in the clear: if they don’t want to use an affiliate link, they can type the site’s URL into their browsers themselves.

How long will my course remain available on SitePoint?

Your course will go on taking students forever. There’s no limit on enrollments.

If you feel your course is becoming outdated over time, contact us and we’ll talk.

Of course, you may want to take a break from your course sometime—but that’s different. Unless you tell us otherwise, your course will continue to accept enrollments.

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