By Kevin Yank

Oct 25, 2006 News Wire

By Kevin Yank

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  • hannson

    Firefox2.0 is now official (get it at mozilla.com). And IE sent the development team a cake to say well done. Awwwww…isn’t that sweet. I wonder if it’s full of bugs?…


  • malikyte

    CSSVista has some known bugs, be careful…the only poor one I’m aware of is using it when the CSS file is in the same directory as the file you’re viewing (locally) – it will (can?) delete the original and only work from the one in-progress. So, just make sure you place your css files in a separate directory first (which you should do for organization anyway, imho).

    CSSVista 1.5 will be coming out “soon”. Check out the creator’s blog for further/future info: http://www.mattbrindley.com

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