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Mucho Thanks for your Comments

Sam Deering

Mucho Thanks for your recent comments they been very motivational for me! :) Even if the blogs helps 1 person learn something new about web development it’s worth my time and effort! Thanks again. Sam

Here are some of the recent comments:


You saved hours for me. Thank you!

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Number 2 just saved me a $*&!^ ton of time and code. Thank you so much!

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GREAT POST!, As an old school js programmer… I now feel the need for an update of my jquery libraries…. :D Thanks

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F. Rick Reich:

i love you :D

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thanks, the jquery docs are abysmal on this

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Stacy Summers:

wow! thanks for sharing

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very very thanks its really helped me

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Thanks :-),this is helpful

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Ergec Senturk:

yay that’s a good one :) very usable

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Sneha Singh:

I stumbled across this webpage in which keyboard navigation for navigation menu was explained pretty well and with a very few codes of lines. there was a demo page also. you could checkout source code of those pages to get grasp.

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Thanks! I’m a math teacher and I’m developing math educational games with Flash Action Script. Recently I discovered that it’s possible to create games with jQuery and I’ve created several ‘little math games’ for my students… These samples gave me some new ideas!

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Christian Wettinger:

Wow … this is, for what I have searched for … thx … :)

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Perfect, just what I was looking for. I’m really happy I can minify my css as well, not only javascript or jQuery..

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Alechandrina Pereira:

Really good post, thanks a lot :)

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dixanta shrestha:

thanks a lot you have saved my life.. thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips. cheers

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