News Wire: Reinventing HTML

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  • W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee addresses the state of HTML, and how the wholesale switch to XHTML with no further work on non-XML HTML has failed, and how the W3C’s approach will change. It’s a relief to finally hear from the W3C leadership on this.
  • Comments on Berners-Lee’s “Reinventing HTML” have been solicited here. Some of the more thoughtful reactions are definitely worth reading.
  • Accessibility guru Joe Clark criticizes Berners-Lee’s “Reinventing HTML” as not addressing the fundamental problem with the W3C’s work on markup: that it is dominated by computer-science and math applications. Also, he asks again: what about WCAG 2?
  • From the technical minutiae file, Mark Nottingham looks at some of the vagaries of the HTTP headers associated with cookies, and discovers that, of the current batch of modern browsers, only Opera fully supports the applicable standards. (thanks harryf)
  • The Yahoo! team has put together a short reference on how to call the Yahoo! web services from Ruby. (thanks mattymcg)
  • One of many “free font” repositories around the web, but this one is especially clean and pleasant to browse. Notably absent are designer and foundry information for each font.
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  • The new release of WordPress includes security fixes and minor bug fixes and usability tweaks.
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  • Another contrarian view in response to Berners-Lee’s “Reinventing HTML”. Elliotte Rusty Harold believes XHTML was and still is a good idea, and what’s really holding back HTML is a lack of real progress in terms of useful features.
  • An immensely useful enhancement for Firefox 2, this extension lets you drag to resize text areas, single line form fields, and select boxes on any web site you visit.

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