News Wire: Perfection Meets Reality

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  • The new release enables development under MacOS X in addition to the previously supported Windows and Linux environments, and significantly speeds up the hosted debugging runtime environment.
  • A sitemap is an XML file that lists all of the pages on your site that you would like to have indexed by search engines. With this announcement, you can now write a single sitemap and have it indexed by the big three.
  • A slick JavaScript library that uses Flash internally to improve the file upload process. Display a file selection dialog with file type filters, monitor progress with JavaScript event handlers, and set up an animated progress bar to match your design.
  • A case study of Zend_Search, the search engine built into the Zend Framework for PHP. Certain parts aren’t pretty, like support for non-ASCII characters. The situation will surely improve, but for now the workarounds given here are vital. (thanks harryf)
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  • The second of three articles from Microsoft on how to write more efficient JavaScript. One wonders how much this applies to browsers other than IE, but the advice related to string concatenation and switch statements seems solid and relatively unique.
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  • An examination of how a real-world web development team—the folks behind the scenes at—have managed the balance between best practice and real-world constraints in the transition to a site design free of layout tables.
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