New Logos For Holiday Inn & Hilton Worldwide

    Jennifer Farley
    Jennifer Farley
    In the past couple of weeks, two of the world’s biggest hotel chains have revealed new identities and rebranding.First up, the Holiday Inn logo. Designed by Interbrand, it replaces the old, somewhat unusual reverse italics logo. As we know, branding is not just about the logo and in this case the new logo is just part of a massive overhaul throughout the organization.  Holiday Inn has over 3,000 properties across the world and each one is getting a facelift with improvements in bedding, landscaping, and believe it or not, a Holiday Inn scent. Every hotel is now obliged to plug in a lobby “scent machine” producing a mild aroma of ginger, white tea, citrus and musk. The cheaper Holiday Inn Express sites will be pumping out a scent of sweet grass and green tea. Below you can see the before and after logo design.Holiday Inn BeforeOldHolidayInnHoliday Inn AfterNewHolidayInn
    New Holiday Inn Express LogoPersonally, I really love the new logo. It’s bright, fresh and friendly.The Hilton Hotel group have also recently made changes to their corporate name, logo and website, changing the name from Hilton Hotels Corporation to Hilton Worldwide to signify their global reach. On the new logo design, Hilton have said,
    The platinum and gold stylized H evokes quality, stature and the richness of Hilton’s heritage.  The two halves are reflective, which are a reminder of the company’s storied past and vibrant future, and the open curves are welcoming, symbolizing the world of travel by suggesting the round edges of the globe, the arch of a bridge and posts of a bed.
    The new logo
    The new websiteHmmm, I can’t say I’m feeling inspired by either the new logo or website from Hilton Worldwide. For a company like Hilton, I would have expected something a little more elegant. Obviously there are two completely different audience’s being targeted here, but there is a such a huge contrast between these two. The choice of colors and shapes of the Hilton logo are pretty dull, while the Holiday Inn typography and colors have welcoming feel.What do you think of the new logo designs?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about New Logos for Holiday Inn & Hilton Worldwide

    What is the significance of the new logos for Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide?

    The new logos for Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide represent a significant shift in their branding strategies. They are designed to reflect the modern, innovative, and customer-centric approach of these hotel chains. The logos are more than just visual elements; they embody the values, vision, and mission of these organizations. They are intended to resonate with the target audience and create a strong brand identity in the competitive hospitality industry.

    How do the new logos differ from the old ones?

    The new logos for both Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide have been simplified and modernized. They have been stripped down to their essential elements, making them more recognizable and memorable. The colors have been updated to be more vibrant and appealing, reflecting the energetic and dynamic nature of these brands.

    What is the impact of the new logos on the brand image of Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide?

    The new logos have a significant impact on the brand image of Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide. They help in reinforcing the brand’s positioning as modern, innovative, and customer-focused. They also enhance the brand’s visibility and recognition, making it stand out in the competitive hospitality industry.

    How have customers reacted to the new logos?

    The reaction to the new logos has been largely positive. Customers appreciate the modern and simplified design, which they find more appealing and memorable. They also appreciate the effort to update the brand image, which they see as a sign of the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

    How do the new logos reflect the brand’s values and mission?

    The new logos are designed to reflect the brand’s values and mission. They embody the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, offering high-quality accommodations, and creating memorable experiences for guests. The modern and simplified design reflects the brand’s focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

    How were the new logos developed?

    The new logos were developed through a comprehensive process that involved extensive research, brainstorming, and testing. The design team worked closely with the brand team to ensure that the logos accurately represent the brand’s values, vision, and mission.

    What is the role of the new logos in the brand’s marketing strategy?

    The new logos play a crucial role in the brand’s marketing strategy. They are used across all marketing channels, from digital to print, to create a consistent and cohesive brand image. They also help in enhancing brand recognition and recall, which are key to driving customer loyalty and repeat business.

    How do the new logos compare to those of other hotel chains?

    The new logos stand out in the competitive hospitality industry due to their modern and simplified design. They are more recognizable and memorable, which gives Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide a competitive edge.

    What is the significance of the color choices in the new logos?

    The color choices in the new logos are significant as they reflect the brand’s personality and values. The vibrant and energetic colors represent the dynamic and innovative nature of these brands.

    How do the new logos contribute to the overall brand experience?

    The new logos contribute to the overall brand experience by creating a strong visual identity that resonates with customers. They help in creating a positive first impression and play a key role in shaping the customer’s perception of the brand.