.NET on the ‘NET : Happy Birthday SilverLight!

Ian Muir

It’s been another week, which means it’s time for another thrilling, or at least moderately interesting, .NET on the ‘Net post. This week, Silverlight celebrated it’s first birthday. At its current rate of half a million downloads a day, it’s still got a lot of ground to make up against Flash, but SilverLight has been doing better than a lot of people expected. I’m excited to see what happens when SilverLight 2 is released this summer. Microsoft released a preview of Dynamic Data on MSDN and plans to include it in a hotfix for .NET 3.5 later this year. Dynamic Data is a system that allows you to share functionality for similar fields across various databound controls across your app. Scott Hanselman has a good explanation on his blog.

The tutorials were a bit thin this week. Steve Orr posted a solid tutorial on creating Control Extenders in Visual Studio 2008. To go along with the Dynamic Data announcement, here’s a walk-through for using the Dynamic Data Wizard. Finally, Scott Gu posted a list of a tutorials that should help provide some new ideas to try out.

For those who haven’t heard a small search engine start-up announced some application tools a few months ago. This week Salesforce announced plans to integrate with Google Apps and Chris Capossela from Microsoft had a few things to say. While I think his tone is usually a bit elitist, I’d have to agree that the average Salesforce user would likely prefer better Office integration over better Google integration.