.NET on the ‘Net Feb 1-7: DataContext Dilemmas & Versioning Databases

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In the running for “post of the week” there is an outright tie between Rick Strahl’s brilliant post on strategies to handle Linq to SQL’s DataContext dilemma. Her threw in a set of sample business object wrapper samples for good measure. K. Scott Allen posted an equally brilliant series of articles on database version management.

Honorable mentions start with Rob Conrey posted the Subsonic 2.1 beta for public consumption. While you are there, make sure to check out his excellent post on hacking legacy applications for fun and profit. If you are having .NET TDD nightmares, you might want to comment on Phil Haack’s plea for Unit Testing horror stories. From a technical perspective, Derek Whittaker reminds us to take out the trash. Also interesting is Dave Ward’s explanation of some neat tricks to remotely load user controls. Rounding things out, make sure to check out Steve Herbert’s examination of performance implications of Linq to Objects, it’s sweet.

As for upcoming events, if anyone is in the DC area, there is the Rockville NUG meeting on February 13. There is also a DC alt.net meeting on the 20th. On the national scene, MIX 08 and SXSWi are a little more than a month away. Get in while the getting is good.

In case I forgot anything, don’t miss Scott Guthrie’s Feb 6th Links. They are awesome.

Finally, in case you have been in jail or shacked up for the past week, Microsoft made a hostile bid for Yahoo!, causing all manner of speculation about the downfall of the internet as we know it.

Audi 5000.

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