By Jennifer Farley

London 2012 Cyclops Mascots Unveiled

By Jennifer Farley

Wenlock and Mandeville – the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots have been revealed. As the official 2012 Olympic logos were completed blasted by pretty much everyone, the designers of the new mascots will undoubtedly be hoping for a better reception for these shiney, one-eyed guys.


Wenlock is named after the English town of Much Wenlock where the Wenlock Games were an early inspiration for the modern Olympic games and Mandeville’s name comes from Stoke Mandeville, home to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

They are of course thoroughly modern mascots with their own web pages and individual Twitter (Wenlock, Mandeville) and Facebook (Wenlock, Mandeville) pages.

The characters were designed by London-based creative agency Iris whose clients have included Playstation and Volkswagen. Each of the characters has a single eye which represents a camera, allowing them to “record everything” certainly appropriate in today’s surveillance and YouTube society.


You can watch their “life story” written by former children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo below:

London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said

They will connect young people with sport and tell the story of our proud Olympic and Paralympic history. By linking young people to the values of sport, Wenlock and Mandeville will help inspire kids to strive to be the best they can be…  We’ve always been open about this: we wanted to do things differently in London.


On first view, I have to admit I thought “dear God what is that thing” but I think they’re growing on me. I’m not sure about the shiney surface and I think the helmet on Wenlock looks like one of those tacky straw cowboy hats, but they look cute in the little Union Jack outfits and I think they will be fun for kids who are the intended audience.

What do you think about the mascots? Weird, cute, waste of money?

  • I like them, not so keen when they’re all shiny but I like the names and taxi idea, plus they’re cute little blighters

  • ShadyAidy
    • Ha, ha ShadAidy that’s hilarious thanks for the link. “So these things – designed specifically for children – are basically lobster-clawed pervert monsters that remind them of the dentist.”

  • steve

    Glad to see that Atlanta will no longer have the worst Olympic mascot ever.

  • The Union Jack versions look better than the shiny ones, but not keen on them in general, really.

  • Fred

    They look like “gogo’s crazy bones”, the kids will love them.

  • XLCowBoy

    Wenlock and Mandeville?

    The first names that popped into my head were Peep an’ Tom.

  • fortunette

    I really think that the mascots for the 2008 and 2010 games were the best I’ve ever seen. They looked great on pins and made into toys.

    Who would want to buy a soft toy of these scary things? And the 3D rendering looks like it came from an era before Toy Story.

    Oh well, I guess that the games should matter more than the branding.

  • Dale

    They remind me of sprite binomes from the computer animated television series Reboot:

  • cgregory2

    I like their shininess, and the enitre concept, it is both adorable and a tad ominous.

  • sprinkles

    These are horrible! Scary looking! The Vancouver Olympics has really adorable mascots… these are a nightmare!

  • Tim

    They look like drugged up telly tubbies. Have to say they seem to be growing on me though the more I see them. I find them slightly confusing style wise though. The logo is all straight lines and sharp angles, and these guys are the exact opposite.

  • The London Olympics is going to be a shambles so I’m not surprised the mascots are a bit rubbish as well. I find them a bit weird looking. They don’t look like typical mascots.

  • Mounty

    Bloody awful. They look like a couple of pale penises in punctured condoms. SHAME on the London 2012 committee !

  • Flora

    These things are beyond creepy, especially the costume version that some unlucky fools got to wear in public at the unveiling. And I thought Torino’s Neve & Gliz were bad. All I can say is I want some of whatever they were smoking when they fever-dreamed these up.

  • plim_plom

    Seems some people are missing the point, they delibrately avoided the furry, cuddly mascot, because it is been done to death, kids apparently prefered these, but then as kids like things like transformers, it seems “cute and cuddly” is more a longing of certain adults…

  • Mounty’s comment is the best description so far!! LOL!

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