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Logo Arena – Crowdsource Your Logo Design To Get Best

Sam Deering


Can you imagine a brand or a company without a logo? I guess not. It would probably be like a person without identity. As we know, all of the top brands/companies have one thing in common: a great logo design. Designing the perfect identity is important and can make your brand and/or company stand out among your competitors. But how do you do it? Where would you begin? For sure you would hire an artist or contact a graphic designer to draw one out, but how does it sound if designers from all over the world can actually do it for you? Pretty awesome, right? This is what Logo Arena has to offer for you and to anyone out there trying to have the best logo design for their next big idea.

Hows it work for logo designers?

Following is the list of ongoing logo contests where dozens of talented designers compete to bring you the highest quality of logos for as low as $249! The contest holders will have to provide their information such as; Company name, What they do, their type of business, target market and their preferred colors to meet the company’s theme.


Then you get information about what they want.

Hows it work to get a logo?


Step 1: Fill out a design brief and setup a prize amount.
Contest holders complete information by filling out a logo questionnaire. Prepay the prize amount through a credit card or PayPal.

Choose your logo type.

Step 2: Submission and Feedback
Designers will submit their logo concept until the contest ends. And as much as possible, contest holders will provide feedback and rank the logo entries.

Step 3: Selecting a Winner
After the contest ends, the contest holders will select the winning designer and notified via email.

Select a winner.


LogoArena’s designers are great, helpful and willing to make changes as suggested. Not only do you get the most creative choices from some great artists around the world, but best of all it’s easy to do and inexpensive. Not to mention their “money back guarantee” feature states that if your contest does not generate more than 50 designs, then the money will be returned to the client.

So worry no more and start your contest now!