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How To Become A Project Management Super Hero

Matthew Magain

The Principles of Project ManagementWe’re very pleased to announce our latest book, The Principles of Project Management, by Meri Williams…

These days, project management skills aren’t linked to a job title — they’re essential for anyone who’s responsible for delivering an outcome within a specific budget and time frame.

This might mean that, as a freelancer, you’re delivering a site to a client on time. Or that, as a team leader, ensuring that a design/development team delivers its part of a broader project perfectly to specifications.

In just about any role, your project management skills can make the difference between becoming a superhero or super-villain!

Author Meri Williams has done a fantastic job of explaining concepts that everyone can apply to their projects. She shows you that project management isn’t rocket science, and that you don’t need to do the PMP exam to be a project management superhero!

Download the sample chapter and check it out for yourself.

For more details or to order, visit the book’s sales page.