Using the HelloSign API Dashboard and Test Mode

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Using the HelloSign API Dashboard and Test Mode

Explore the HelloSign dashboard to manage your eSign requests

We’ve teamed up with HelloSign to help you work with the fastest eSign integration API in the industry. In less than 4 minutes, we’ll demonstrate how HelloSign’s dashboard can help you manage and provide overviews into your API calls, callbacks, requests and more! Watch as we create API requests and demonstrate HelloSign’s working dashboard. You’ll see how to find status reports for API requests, usage analytics, and how to manage and debug live and test API calls.
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Frequently Asked Questions about HelloSign API, Dashboard, and Test Mode

How do I switch from Test Mode to Production Mode in HelloSign API?

Switching from Test Mode to Production Mode in HelloSign API is a straightforward process. Once your app is approved, you can turn off the Test Mode by navigating to your HelloSign dashboard. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab and then select ‘API.’ Here, you will find the option to switch to ‘Production Mode.’ Remember, once you switch to Production Mode, all the API calls will be live and will result in actual transactions.

How can I integrate HelloSign with WordPress?

Integrating HelloSign with WordPress can be done using plugins or custom coding. Plugins like WP E-Signature by ApproveMe offer seamless integration with HelloSign. After installing the plugin, you can navigate to the settings and connect your HelloSign account. For custom coding, you will need to use the HelloSign API and WordPress hooks and filters.

How do I turn off Test Mode in HelloSign?

To turn off Test Mode in HelloSign, go to your HelloSign dashboard and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Then, select ‘API.’ Here, you will find the option to turn off ‘Test Mode.’ Please note that once you turn off Test Mode, all the API calls will be live.

Can I use HelloSign API for my mobile application?

Yes, you can use HelloSign API for your mobile application. The API is designed to be platform-agnostic, meaning it can be used across different platforms including iOS, Android, and web applications. You will need to use the SDKs provided by HelloSign for the respective platforms.

How can I test my HelloSign API integration?

You can test your HelloSign API integration using the Test Mode. In Test Mode, you can make API calls that mimic live transactions without actually executing them. This allows you to test your integration and ensure everything is working as expected before going live.

What is the HelloSign Dashboard?

The HelloSign Dashboard is a user interface that allows you to manage your HelloSign account. From the dashboard, you can access various features such as your documents, templates, team settings, and API settings.

How can I troubleshoot issues with my HelloSign API integration?

If you encounter issues with your HelloSign API integration, you can use the API logs available in your HelloSign dashboard. The logs provide detailed information about each API call, including the request, response, and any errors that occurred.

How secure is HelloSign API?

HelloSign API uses industry-standard security measures to protect your data. This includes SSL encryption for data in transit and AES encryption for data at rest. Additionally, HelloSign is compliant with various security standards including GDPR and eIDAS.

Can I customize the HelloSign signing experience?

Yes, you can customize the HelloSign signing experience using the HelloSign API. The API allows you to customize various aspects of the signing process, including the request email, the signing page, and the confirmation email.

How can I get support for HelloSign API?

If you need support for HelloSign API, you can reach out to the HelloSign support team via email or through their support portal. Additionally, the HelloSign API documentation is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information about the API and its usage.

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