Head East Young Man!

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So I’ve taken a job with a design firm in Atlanta GA. This is a good thing because it will provide me more time to play with ColdFusion and to pass on my knowledge here.

But this is also a bad thing because it means I have to move from Arizona to Georgia by the 22nd! I’m currently in the process of packing up my family, our house, and three cats for a cross country journey which is sure to rival any “homeward bound” movie.

So my postings are going to be slim the next week or so as I move, transition, get settled and of course re-establish Internet access.

In the meantime keep hitting the forums with your questions thoughts and more. They have been really busy lately and I’ve enjoyed watching the growth of everyone (including myself) as well as the willingness to share.

For example our very own David Medlock, who got this CF blog going, recently posted a very quick and dirty directory browser script. I for one love it and have used it here and there when I was in a bind.

It’s sharing like this which made the PHP communities so strong and is one of the things I’ve always felt the CF community lacked continuity in. Looks like we are on the path tol change that,starting here at Sitepoint!

P.s. If you have something you’d like to share while I’m gone, just use the contact form and send it my way. If I like what I see and feel the rest of the community will like it too I’ll post it as a guest contributor to this blog!

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