Happenings in Ruby

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Another Happenings post??!?? Already?? Yes, it’s true. I wanted to mark the occasion of my going on vacation next week (to MONTANA! I am going to fish and wrestle bears and wear cowboy hats and deploy it all with capistrano…YEEEEHAAAAH)

Ahem….sorry. I really need a vacation, if that weren’t readily apparent.

Here’s some stuff that I found around the Rubyverse that I think is, well, just jim-dandy.

Rails 4.0 Sneak Peeks from Dockyard

I just stumbled upon the Dockyard blog, and they have all these Rails 4.0 Sneak Peek posts that make me feel like a total Rails insider. Okay, well, they have two, but I still feel special reading them. Here’s hoping the series lives long and prospers.

Minitest 3.2.0 Released

The latest version of minitest has hit the streets. If you haven’t given minitest a go because you’re all, like, “RSpec this” and “Cucumber that”, well, then, you’re missing out. Minitest is small and easy and has all the things you need to spec out your benchmarks while mocking units. Or something. Try minitest, trust me.

Ruby, Like Speed, Turns Me On

Are you sick of listening to your Python and Perl friends go on and OOON about how slow Ruby is? Well, Tony Arcieri over an Unlimited Novelty has found that thing that your friends can suck on, and it’s THE TRUTH! Go ahead, read how Ruby 1.9 is faster than lightning, then start figuring out how to get more Fortran into your stack.

Avdi is Back with Confidence

Avdi Grimm has been a regular in the Happenings posts with things like “Exceptional Ruby” and “Objects on Rails” books. Now he’s back with “Confident Ruby”, which is sure to please. I plan to write a rebuttal book called “Fetal Position Ruby” later this year…


I woke with a start the other night, caked with sweat, because I hadn’t seen a new does-the-same-thing-as-RVM tool in a week or so. Thankfully, the folks at hmans.io have released RBFU, which is the lightest weight Ruby version manager ever. If you think RVM and rbenv do too much, you should head over to RBFU.

Datascraping for Fun and, Well, Fun

Hunter Powers has penned a post that shows you how to take Ruby, Nokogiri, and Sintra and create an app that will suck all the good stuff off of another site and present to the user. He also deploys that app to Heroku. I liked this article because it is thorough, has a github repo AND a screencast. Also, Hunter Powers has got to be one of the most kick-ass names in all of Rubyland.

Rails Deep Dive, Free E-Book (toots own horn)

The great folks at Sitepoint (Hi Boss!) have collected all the posts I did about Loccasions into a free e-book. In this case, “free” means you have to give us your e-mail so we can send you great content about Ruby and the webs and stuff that will make you WAY smarter than that guy that sits in the cube catty-corner from you. He is SOOO full of himself, but you and the Sitepoint Cornucopia of Knowledge will win the day! Wait, I’ve forgotten what I was talking about…oh yeah! Go get a free copy of my “book”…….

That’s it for this edition of Happenings in Ruby. If you have any news, code, or other Ruby-related content that would benefit the community, let us know. After my time in Montana, the next Happenings post will be all about using Ruby to skin a bison. Stay tuned!

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Glenn works for Skookum Digital Works by day and manages the SitePoint Ruby channel at night. He likes to pretend he has a secret identity, but can't come up with a good superhero name. He's settling for "Roob", for now.

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