By Harry Fuecks

Get your blog and PHP on the map

By Harry Fuecks

Artima is a site focused on software development. If you want your software development platform / tool / methodology / whatever to be subject to some serious discussion and attention, it’s a very good place to be.

Plus it has some excellent content and insight into the business. If you were looking for further information on design by contract, for example (that which Marcus Boerger is investigating for the Standard PHP library) – try this interview with Bertrand Meyer.

Anyway PHP is now on the map in Artima’s BUZZ (long after Perl and Python I may say) – a feed aggegrator for software related bloggers. Bill Venners explains the buzz concept here. Buzz posts are also re-published again, via RSS (then beamed straight to RSS readers in Redmond… ;)).

The list of PHP feeds here – currently a little empty although Christian and Simon can be found over here.

So if you’re a PHP Blogger (or run a WIKI with RSS) get listed. You first need to get yourself a login then add you feed by “Joining the Buzz”. Time to put PHP on the map!

[Excuse the tone. Been working out with Mister Motivator ;)]

  • Added, maybe that’ll add some encouragement for me to start blogging properly…

  • Interesting – seems there are some issues with WordPress RSS at Artima (for some people like jason – try following the links). And looks like you’re blog on i18n is to the point ;) Cool to see the list has grown though.

  • It’s about time. That’s something I complained to them about some time back. Nice to see they are coming around.

  • Man I need to learn RSS, so I can use this tool

  • – I must be living in a cave – just realised you have a blog.

  • No big deal really that I have a blog. I’m not saying anything of real import. Not like you, lastcraft, or John Lim.


  • I’m not saying anything of real import.

    I don’t know. All this can’t be said enough (nightmares of nested ifs in Perl I have to deal with).

  • parnall

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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