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The FullCodePress site-in-a-day web olympics is on this weekend in Sydney — but you can stay up to date as the competition progresses no matter where you are in the world.

The two teams (Australia and New Zealand) will be building their web sites online, and you can watch the progress of their respective sites in real time. The web addresses of the non-profit organisations that will each be receiving a site at the end of the 24 hours will be announced at 9.30am on Saturday (Australian EST).

There’s also going to be plenty of photo coverage, video action and live blogging from both sides.

Photo and video action:

Live blogging:

The trash talk is getting heated between the two teams, so I imagine that, despite the philanthropic nature of the event, it will be seriously competitive.

Should be fun to watch!

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Matthew Magain is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience creating exceptional digital experiences for companies such as IBM, Australia Post, and sitepoint.com. He is currently the Chief Doodler at Sketch Group, Co-founder of UX Mastery, and recently co-authored Everyday UX, an inspiring collection of interviews with some of the best UX Designers in the world. Matthew is also the creator of Charlie Weatherburn and the Flying Machine.

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