Facebook Resolves Worst Shutdown in Four Years

By Craig Buckler

Facebook suffered a catastrophic failure on Thursday 23 September which engineers stated was the worst since 2006. The company apologized to its 500 million users for the problem which caused almost 3 hours down-time during mid-day in the US and early evening in Europe.

Although Facebook has not yet revealed the full technical details, it’s understood to have been caused by an error handling bug which caused more damage than it fixed. Facebook had no option but to shut down the service at a time when an estimated 135 million users were attempting to log on. Most were faced with a “DNS failure” message and the news soon spread via Twitter and other services.

It’s been a bad week for the social networks. The Facebook outage was preceded by Twitter worms which exploited a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. However, the problems were not related and the networks are generally reliable.

But what were people to do without Facebook? The outage meant many users had to meet their real friends face-to-face. Let’s hope there wasn’t too much poking.

  • spikeZ

    I tried to poke the missus and she slapped me :(

  • ahallicks

    Facebook is still having issues today. At certain points I am unable to refresh the page or click any links without closing the tab and opening a new one. Plus the title constantly flickers from the Facebook logo to loading, to a blank page icon. Very annoying! You’d think a service as huge as Facebook wouldn’t suffer these technical issues.

    I guess they are still affected by some of the same issues as the rest of us.

  • I was one of those 135 million trying to log on! :)

  • Andre

    I wasn’t affected. At all.

  • Sphamandla

    Facebook may have it issues but that shouldn’t stop our lives from moving on with life. It seems that Facebook is causing less visual socialization to more virtual . If so many people can’t even find the time to do other things then Facebook for three our then !

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