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Design Tweets For The Week Ending 21/03/2010

    Jennifer Farley

    Twitter is a super resource for finding out about some of the weird, wonderful and interesting things happening on the design blogs. Here’s a selection of some design-related tweets that caught my eye this week.

    A very nice post on typography.com outlining how to combine fonts.


    How to use Google Reader as a web design search engine on Design Topix.

    CSS Font Shorthand Property Cheat Sheet is available as a PDF on Impressive Web.


    A List Apart has an article on web standards for e-books. “Web standards take on a new flavor when rendering literature on the screen, and classic assumptions about typography (or “formatting”) have to be adjusted.”

    Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks runs through some best practices when designing a submit form.


    Creativity Den has a lovely tutorial on how to make isometric graphics using Adobe Illustrator.


    On The Design Cubicle blog, Paul Scrivens writes about Designer Confidence and why it’s important that designers can take and give criticism.

    Nettuts has an article on 10 features to look forward to in WordPress 3.0. Of particular interest to designers are the new default theme and custom background upload. The new version is expected in the next month or two.


    How to avoid creativity burnout on Richworks.

    The Creative Review blog has a post on the new set of UK stamps featuring design by CDT and photographs of cats and dogs from the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. There is a serious cute factor going on and one of the comments on the post made me laugh. “I can’t help but think they could be used to soften the blow of your credit card bill, eviction notice, final warning letters. No one can be sad when they look at a picture of a happy puppy!”


    And there you have it.