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By Corrie Haffly

Copying Layer Styles in Photoshop

By Corrie Haffly

I just learned a new trick!!

I’ll explain my “old way” of doing things first.

Let’s say you have a layer in Photoshop and apply a Layer Style (drop shadow, stroke, bevel, etc…). The Layers palette shows which effects you’ve applied (see picture below). Quite often, I find myself needing to duplicate layer effects on other layers.


Now in the “old days,” I would right-click on the layer and choose “Copy Layer Style,” then right-click on the target layer and choose “Paste Layer Style.”

But those days are gone.

Now, I know that I can simply click on the “Effects” text, drag, and drop it on my target layer (actually, slightly “below” the layer – you’ll see what I mean when you try it) – and the effect will be applied immediately!

I am always ecstatic when I find ways to do things that involve less clicking.

By the way, you can also click-and-drag the individual effects to copy them as well. You just click the “Effects” text if you want to apply the whole lot of them.

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  • Nice trick, I never find these myself so this one seems useful.

  • mbstuart

    Great find! I’m a frequent right-click “copy layer style” user. And I hate using contextual menus, they are so clunky at times.

  • I’ve always done it the two click way as well. Thanks for the tip!

  • Very nice trick, alot better than the two click method.

  • MarkB

    Thanks for the tip! :)

    And I just realised you can clear a style by dragging it to the trash icon. Doh!

  • Coolio Iglesias!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great tip, thanxs loads

  • Chris

    Corrie – this might be a little more useful if you explained which versions of Photoshop you’re talking about when you say “old way” or “new way” – I don’t have PS in front of me to test.

  • Wow, I didn’t even know you could copy and paste the effects! I always manually entered them for each layer. I should go get a photoshop book. But then, I use Fireworks most of the time ;)

  • JP:N9

    Nice. I knew about copy layer styles, but was always annoyed that you had to copy all the styles when maybe you only wanted 1. Great tip!

  • Chris — I’m using Photoshop 7 but “new way” and “old way” simply means that I found a different way of doing things.

  • ha, nice trick. It’s amazing how all these little nuggets of info can save you time. Thanks…

  • Corrie, your blog is great. I’ve only recently been copying layer styles, and this is a good shortcut.

  • IL

    Hmm… nice one! Thanx.

  • zote63

    very kool…

  • Mark

    actually in CS2 I have to hold the ALT key (windows) to copy the style – else it moves it….

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