Yahoo Free vs. Yahoo $299 Directory Submit

Is there a great advantage paying Yahoo $299 to submit my web site vs. submitting my site for free to Yahoo?

I’m assuming that when you mention submitting your site for free to Yahoo you’re referring to the search engine. You won’t need to submit to Yahoo but should always make sure that you’re showing up in their search engine.

The fee for Yahoo is for their directory. I’m not convinced that real humans actually use it but it has been a proven asset in terms of website backlinks for me. I recommend the Yahoo directory to any of my clients that embark on an SEO campaign.

if you have an english written website with US based customers.

Apart from the obvious SEO advantage of being in the Yahoo dir, it also brings a lot of traffic, so 299 USD per year is a bargain.

Yahoo directory can give traffic to your site. Although you can also submit your site to local yahoo directory like yahoo singapore, uk, india…

I personally wouldn’t spend it. It’s not a guarantee of visitors.

Though i dont say it is not effective, but i would spend it cos i am sure there are other ways to get traffic and get things going. Much cheaper and effective

and no guarantee of to be approved

With that much amount I think its worth to submit into 60 paid directory @ $5 per submission. :slight_smile:

alot of sites gain authority in a proper way when they are listed in yahoo directory for $$$ vs… using the free version of it. I like the fact that the one time listing can give you the peace of mind that you will be indexed onto the 2nd best search engine directory list and you will be looked upon as a trusted and reliable site if you are listed there. In my opinion…

No I don’t think it’s worth it at all. There are soo many other things you could put that $299 to use for. $299 is a lot of money just to submit, even if you have $299 to blow away don’t do it because it’s a waste.

i noticed that google count it as backlink… but for $299 i can have a new website for that… well there’s alot of site owner still paying just for a listings… for me? i still prefer free…

It’s not just any other backlink, it’s a highly valued link to your website which is a key factor in ranking high in the results pages of Google. Be sure to take into account the value of the link before you compare it with other SEO efforts.