Submit site to Yahoo local to increase traffic?

Hi. I have heard that submitting my website to yahoo local will help me rank higher within the search engines including google? I know there is a fee to pay of at least £200 for 6months, but need to know if anyone has had good/bad experiences with submitting to the local paid listings.

Cheers guys. Hope you can help

Local listing like Yahoo local listing is the ideal place to start creating your online presence. Local listing will boost your online presence in your local area and will increase your traffic because your potential customers will find you since most of local people trust a local based businesses.

I haven’t tried Yahoo local listing but I have tried Bing and Yelp and so far, it help the search engine ranking and increase the sales.

Here are the local listings that will boost your rankings in Google:

  1. Google Places
  2. Yahoo Local
  3. Bing Local

you can also try They have help my client’s sites ranking since I submitted them for inclusion.

Google always looks for free links only not paid one. So it’s better to go for only free backlinks.

I agree and I disagree.

Google’s primary focus is this: reputation.

The caveat here is that Google wants to see you “earn” a good reputation naturally by providing content that other users naturally want to link to.

Buying links doesn’t make you “earn” that reputation.


Google does feel that the Yahoo directory has a great reputation and that it is VERY trustworthy. Remember - Google hates spam, and a user who submits to the Yahoo directory for $200 quid isn’t likely to be a spammer. It’s a GREAT incoming link and a great boost for SEO.

As far as other paid links, I would suggest staying far far away!

Thank you for the advice guys. Have heard that bestoftheweb or businessdirectory can also be a cheaper alternative, but I dont think blindacoustic you would agree with that.

This SEO really plays with my head some people say one thing and others something else. Its crazy, why can’t it be set in stone what is correct and what is not?

Thanks for the replies tho’ guys much appreciated

Yes its true, but you need to do hard-work on SEO as well. just linking to yahoo search engine does’t work to get ranking.

With this I agree 100% - list it on those if you don’t mind paying the fees, nothing but positive. Shows Google you are a serious business.

this fee is worth the traffic you will get

Yes Blinda you are absolutely right Google like free link more then paid need to concentrate on free link with matching category to your services and product

Google hates spamming and paid links too regardless of the reputation of the directory.

Google considers Yahoo! directory links because they are not charging for link placement, however they charge to review your websites.

The fee you pay to Yahoo! is a fee to review websites that’s why it is not refundable, otherwise they would have return the money in case of non-inclusion.

there are two different topics here one is yahoo directory and the other one is local maps both are good in terms of getting targeted traffic and sales.but still local maps are getting better because its shows on the top of every search.

There are so many directory sites out there now. A couple free ones we use are Jayde, Hot Frog & Search Sight.

I think what this quote said is completely true…
yahoo is one of the most powerful boost traffic you will get…

If you are about to increase the ranking in Google, so free back links is the best option, because Google all the time look for free links.