WOW! It's been over TWO years

I cannot believe it’s been well over two years since I last visited SP and the worst bit is I’ve forgotten PHP :frowning:

Over the past year I have been creating a smart phone game in C# and modelling. Still a bit of work to do due to work and my wife’s side of her family progress has been slow. In the past 9 months we had to sell everything to move in with her mother, a long story.

Well it’s nice to, at least, post a thread at SP again. :smiley:


Well, I guess the problem is nothing stands still. I have been learning PHP incrementally but not enough to stay abreast of language improvements.

However I do find it useful for quick scripts and customising wordpress themes.

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Welcome back Spence! It’s been a while. We migrate over to forums platform called Discourse later in the month, leaving vBulletin behind.

Thank you SpacePhoenix, yes it has been a while. Never heard of the platform Discourse but then again I’m out of touch of web design. Looking great though, very modern, slick, easy to navigate and more.

You have been missed, I can assure you.

Do let us know when your game is finished. It will be an exciting moment for sure :slight_smile:

It does sound like these two years have been a bit of a test but I’m sure that things will improve soon and everything will be for the best :slight_smile:

Hi molona, nice to hear from you again. When the game is finished I will need beta testers for Android, Apple OS and MS mobile owners I hope to get volunteers * hint *. I’m aiming to make the for all three since Unity3D can do that why not. :smiley:

From what I can see it’s hard to believe I have been missed.

Trust me, you’ve been. Everyone can tell you how crap I am with names (just come to my office and they will tell you how often I change the names of the people I talk to) and I’m rembember your name… and you!! I think that proves it

You should be honored :stuck_out_tongue:

Or very, very worried…:shifty: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I am honored. Must have made a good impression to be remembered. :slight_smile:

:lol: You are cruel. :smiley:

Me? :eek: No, not at all. I just know @molona. :smiley: :stir:

@spence_noodle; Don’t you think that @TechnoBear; is really, really charming? She makes you want to pour a bit of… errr… well, something, in that pot so her porridge is even more… delicious :devil: :stuck_out_tongue:

@molona Honey? :scratch: Or whipped cream? :whip: So many choices. And yes I do think @TechnoBear is very charming when she can be. (:

I think I’m liking your whipped cream for this particular case :lol:

Good I have plenty of the stuff :wink:

Thank you, sir. :slight_smile: You’re clearly a man of wisdom and insight (and understand what we all have to put up with in @molona. ;))

Me and you are like :vinnie:

…Well I think so (:

Huh?!? Now you’re on her side? Oh my! sigh I have to have sooooo muuuuuch patience to put up with you two :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

woohoo hey Neil!
Good to see you back!

Don’t worry me and you are like :weee::weee:

Hey spikeZ, nice to see you again. Nice to be back, will pop back every so often but just to have a chat.

That’s cool with us :slight_smile: