I joined Sitepoint in 2001... wow!

I just noticed that I received a PM that I hadn’t opened in a while. I was curious to see when I joined, since it was ages ago. It was 2001! Wow! Crazy that it’s 13 years ago and just doesn’t feel that way. I still was approximately #10,000 on the list, lol!! Kudos to SP for being one of the oldest tech forums online. Thought I’d share a fun moment of clarity with all of you.

Welcome back! The forums are still powering along, and about to move to a new platform—Discourse—so a lot of changes on the way. :slight_smile:

Funny you mention it. I actually started my forum as a result of being here and seeing how well vBulletin was back then and so much better than the ASP-based forum that I was using. That was good but costly and too much work. And now it seems like you and everyone else is switching away from vBulletin out of necessity, php compatibility, etc. Perhaps I’ll have to watch you make the move and follow suit like over 13 years ago! :slight_smile: Looking forward to continuing to be a part of the community here and best of luck with the move.

Welcome back to the forums :wave:

It is good to see you around here and that you still remember the forums :slight_smile:

I wonder when I joined?

Edit: Well there you have it, you’re older than me by a margin :wink:

Heh. I love seeing people from the old days drop back in. Welcome back guys.

All of you have to show up when we move to Discourse. Then you can compare between before and after :lol:

It’s funny about the old days. I remember many of the names, including all the various iterations that the site went through, including the excitement about unleashing the CMS integration, lol. I actually liked the orange look, which I thought was very cheery.

I am excited to see the site on Discourse. I didn’t really get a good feel for the demo but I’m sure that it will be impressive here and nothing beats a real vs. simulated experience. Wow… I’m still amazed it was 13 years ago… LOL.

We really hope so… SP HQ is working hard to modify it for our needs and add new functionality so let’s see how it turns out :smiley:

Good to see how old forum matts chat … think feeling like i am amature.

For some reason, I feel that being an old member is some sort of an achievement. Congrats and it’s good to here that you are still online.

Hey there slinky, funny coincidence that you and I joined here around the same time (12 years ago for me) but didn’t really get to know each other till two or three years ago at another place.

@Jun Valasek ; and @petertdavis; It is good to see you too.

It is funny that since we started to move to Discourse many senior members are showing up… but they didn’t know about the move! :lol:

How cool is that? So good that you remember us :smiley:

I can only imagine how surprised you are. Back in 2001, I was still a high school student and the internet was not that accessible in our area. Net cafes were a bit costly for a student. Now, the cost has dropped and most even have connection at the comfort of their homes. It’s amazing how things changed. It’s been 13 years, right? Good for you to be back. I’m also having a great time in this site point forum. :slight_smile:

13 years… you could tell us how being part of this forum has changed your life? I’m sure it has … a tiny bit :slight_smile:

I joined around 12 years ago too when I was first learning PHP. 12 years later, I’m back looking to update my knowledge!

I know the feeling, trust me, I know the feeling… and welcome back, of course :slight_smile:

Same here, 2001. :slight_smile:
I just wanted to say I’m happy to see sitepoint putting out quality content again. Keep it up!

Thanks :slight_smile: We are constantly reinventing ourselves to try and keep up with the industry.

If a good forum site member always back even do he or she are busy doing other things they are still be back specially you want more ideas you need to learn from other forum community is the best place where you can learn, like me i am new in forum here in site point i got infraction my number post was deducted but still i thank them, maybe days months that i can be visit here get some information learn it, it will not happened again the mistake i commit that’s why they deducted my number of post, again thanks admin…