Just wanted to say thanks!

Hey, it’s been a while! I was a regular here in 2014-2015 and had started a few “devlogs” to document my progress on some of my side projects while helping out as much as I could. I pointed to my account here in a job interview and being a contributing member here is what set me apart from the other applicants.

This sent me through a seriously wild 2 years of engineering in startups and Fortune 500’s. I started in Boston and in these last 2 years I’ve slung code out of Philadelphia, Florida, Vegas (!!!), and ended up here in Portland, OR where I now live.

I also met two members from here in real life, which was totally bananas. This was all because of a purely lucky opportunity of which I was able to reference this community. I literally could not have done it without you.

I’m now back to freelancing as of today with some ambitiously wacky goals, so I’ll be around again to try and help answer questions, share what I’ve learned in this time, and try and give back in any way I can.


Nice to see you again, @OzRamos. What a great story! It’s great to hear that contributing to a forum like this can still pay off like that. It’s a great example for us all. I look forward to seeing you around again. :slight_smile:


I initially read that as wacky goats.
Need coffee :coffee:


Glad to know your experience, hopefully will have a good time ahead.

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