What's been happening since 2010?

Wow! Returned to the new Sitepoint forum after a l-o-n-g absence and came across a PHP query I started off in 2010. Good to be back!
Since then lots have happened and that Sentry Log-in problem has never resurfaced … all going well.
I am three-quarters the way through a Website Design Diploma,mainly on PHP and Databases. Fascinating stuff,particularly at my age (66).
Tonight I have to get my funny bone going at Toastmasters as I have a Humorous speech to deliver at a contest.So much to do and so little time to do it is the name of the game.

[quote=“mike632, post:1, topic:96594”]
Good to be back!
[/quote] Good to have you back. Good luck for the contest.

As you can see, we’re changing quite a bit. Glad to konw that you’re doing well and enjoying yourself.

Of course, best of luck in your contest :thumbsup: