Would you focus more on learning wordpress or a framework like Zend?

Lets say you had to focus your skills on learning how to develop wordpress themes/plugins or building your own web apps with a framework like zend.
With wordpress I could see developing themes and plugins and having the ease of their backend system. It would probably be “easier” to manage seo, and it gives you the opportunity to monetize on developing themes and plugins.

With a framework I could see pushing your skills and challenging yourself to build your own cms, mvc structured, ecommerce sites…etc. Would certainly have more of a professional feel.

What do you think would be a better choice for a young developer with the passion and willingness to learn? I’m sure you can argue that both have their place, but lets say you had to choose one.

thanks for all responses.

I have to say some of the wordpress plugins are very evil, I just deleted the plugin them-tuner, which not only influenced the website speed, but also took up most of the website traffic, very evil.

Yeah I agree, in fact it was the constant breaking of themes and plugins that inspired me to learn how to write my own. Then that eventually turned into me learning php mysql further and creating my own cms. Now I’m wondering if I should really focus on wordpress or another way to design websites.