Which WordPress Framework to Choose for Fast Development

Hi… I have been doing WordPress Development from last 2 months. I have watched some wordpress theme and plugin development courses. I am getting good grip of wordpress but still i have to search a lot if some complicated things come up. I am planning to continue learning wordpress development and become an expert. I know it will take time. but i also have to deliver client’s work fast.
I am looking for a good framework i google and found out many but on all blogs i found these top 3 frameworks
2- thesis
3- wooframework (canvas)

If i to choose i am thinking of wooframework because of high demand WOO Commerce plugin.
so which framework you guys will suggest??
keeping in mind available resources, tutorials, widgets and plugins
If i sell themes by using any of these framework will there by any problem
btw i am a fresh IT graduate

waiting for expert advice

I tend to use my own base theme, but if you want a barebones framework for your WordPress sites, _s (Underscores) is a very popular one to use. You can find information about it here.

I am looking for a framework not theme. i checked underscores. it is good

One thing i liked about Genesis is their builtin Widgets.
E.g Featured Post widget.
Just choose number of Posts from a category excepts length and that’s it.
and then Just style the area

Can anyone tell do other frameworks also have such widgets ?

Bump anyone answer plz :smile:

WordPress theme frameworks are the future of theme development and I would suggest you to go for Genesis which is a very powerful framework with very good track record till date.

I have used cherry Framework and its good. But this all depends upon a requirement.

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