Which is the better website development platform to someone new, Wordpress or Joomla?

Some one new to web development. So, what platform will you suggest him to start with Wordpress or Joomla?

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When you say “new to web development”, just how new do you mean? Proficient in HTML/CSS, or a total beginner with no knowledge at all?

Not totally beginner, having knowledge in HTML/CSS.

I’m sure you realise there’s no such thing as “best”. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. And there are considerably more options than the two you mention. If you want, there’s a comparison of 10 CMSs here

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Both are Wordpress & Joomla CMS is best but I’ve always used WordPress because of the ease in setting up, editing and installing plugins on a blog. To me, WordPress is the King of blogging platforms for the simplicity of ease to install and create blogs.

It’s a personal choice. But if you ask me, I would recommend WordPress. They have the best WordPress plugins and themes for building any website. They have a best E-commerce plugin too Like “WooCommerce”. WordPress is versatile. you can easily create any sort of website, even eCommerce websites too.

Hey there! For an absolute beginner I would definitely recommend WordPress, because it’s more understandable and you can always find tutorials on WordPress on different resources and the sites of template providers. As for Joomla! it’s more suitable for information projects/ portals. So basically it all depends on the needs of a specific resource.

Definitely Wordpress. But… if your friend is going to develop his web dev skills, it is better to take more advanced CMS. Just like a challenge:) Or even try to build a website without CMS!:wink:

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Wordpress is best. If you choose this, you don’t need to much skill in HTML etc

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Oh well, [quote=“Annie89, post:8, topic:210092”] Or even try to build a website without CMS! [/quote]
This is challenging, trust me! I think that if you’re eager to have everything done properly from the very beginning, and you don’t have that much of experience, you should definitely opt for a ready-made website layout that integrates easily into WordPress or any other CMS, don’t you agree?

Yes and no, because you might still need to customize certain parts of your site depending on your needs… So knowledge of HTML/CSS isn’t that bad…:smiley:

And that doesn’t take account of b2evolution, which is what I’ve been using for the last 10+ years. You can find out a bit more about it in this article I wrote for Sitepoint last August.

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Agree 100%! you mean something like this? http://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates.php

but if someone not want to know much about HTML. then, there is great idea to choose Wordpress

Fair enough @Sunny_Rajoriya!
I guess, that everyone should choose whatever CMS is suitable for their business concept)
If you have any WordPress based site that works well for you, please show us as an example of your successful implementation of this CMS!

@Annie89, my friend keeps recommending me this service, but I’m still in doubt if I should use it or not.

Sorry, but please don’t. That sounds far too much like the kind of invitation which the Spammers and link-droppers love to use as an excuse for self-promotion, which is not something we allow here.

Sorry @TechnoBear, didn’t mean to provoke any of them… But I guess I just bought into him provoking me to reply that way…)

No problem - I’m just reminding folk of the rules here, so nobody gets into trouble.

But we do seem to be in danger of wandering away a bit from the topic at hand.

@johnmiller Just wanted to know how things are going with your project? Maybe you can share some useful advice/insights?

It all depends on what your goal is.

Wordpress will *better facilitate the creation of websites without server-side programming than Joomla. However, Wordpress is very poorly built and will teach nothing but bad habits from a server-side programming perspective. On the other hand, Joomla is better built but will not facilitate the creation of complete websites as easily for a beginner.

If you’re interested in learning to program don’t use Wordpress. I would actually recommend using nearly any other modern CMS or Framework. My preference would be Drupal but Drupal 8 is pretty complex under the hood. So I guess I could side with Joomla.

If you’re just interested in design and getting sites up with little to no interest in programming behyond css and html than Wordpress will probably work well for you.

There is merit in why designers tend to flock Wordpress and developers other packages such as; Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine, etc. It all depends on what your goals are.


The Jommla is the best for securing the website to the core. But I support WordPress which is equally providing the same feature and also it makes very simple for designing and modifying the WordPress site. It is all about easy customization. The WordPress has various advantages which come with many Themes and Plugins. Hence, I support WordPress which suit best for the beginners.

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