Bootstrap Vs Wordpress

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What are the main differences between them and what is your propose for starting learning first?

They serve completely different purposes. WordPress is a CMS; Bootstrap is a PHP framework.

As to which to learn first it all depends on what you want to do. You don’t need either…

True, it’s like comparing cream cakes with motorcycles.

I thought it was a “responsive grid” framework, so mainly a css framework, though I believe it involves quite a bit of javascript too.

The two can actually be used together, that is if you are really fond of horribly bloated code.

Are you intending on using WP themes, or developing your own?
If using WP themes, they should have responsiveness built in already, which may or may not involve Bootstrap.


Bootstrap can actually vary depending on which category you are talking about. So this is basically a broad topic.

One can say “I want to learn bootstrap.” And no one would really know which Bootstrap they are talking about.

It could be the Bootstrap that was based on Twitter which uses javascript, css and html, it could be a PHP framework, it could even be just a single file that starts a PHP website.


Bootstrap is a PHP framework.

It’s a CSS framework.


Bootstrap is an extended framework for HTML and CSS. It is responsive,clean and simple. It gives you files, such as HTML, Javascript and CSS, that you can use as a starting point to modify for your own site. It does not provide back-end functionality.

Wordpress is a blog and CMS website which provides content development. WordPress so called as child of PHP where a beginner can design a website with just Drag and Drop functionality.

WordPress is the best platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to create new pages, upload images, adjust images and Bootstrap is a front-end framework, combination of CSS and JavaScript which helps to control the presentation of your web page.

If your knowledge of Web Development is limited, by learning Bootstrap, your knowledge of HTML & CSS will improve, otherwise you won’t be able to develop websites, unless they are extremely basic.

If you choose WordPress, unless you have a passion for learning Web Development languages, you will end up buying themes and plug-ins. However if you decide to build your own themes, much like Bootstrap, you will have to learn how to code.

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