Worth of Old domains

I’m thinking of buying an old domain in my niche i.e. hosting. The domain name also includes the keyword “Hosting”

The domain is parked and is 10 years old. It has zero backlinks. I wanna move my newly started hosting company on that domain.

The seller is demanding $300 for the domain. Would it be worth buying? My main objective is being listed on the first page of google.
I need to make a quick decision. My current domain is just 2 months old and I don’t think it would get a good ranking really soon.

Everything depends on the name, if its a quality and aged domain then it is worth 300usd and even more. If you want expert opinion PM me the name.

In terms of SEO the domain age is not the most important factor. Make sure the name itself is what you are after - something that is short, sharp, contains your main keyword, and brandable.

The age is irrelevant. Backlinks are barely relevant. If you’re starting a new site then Google will treat it as a new site, even if the domain itself has been recycled. What matters is whether it’s a good name – memorable, catchy, easily marketable. Is it a name that you want associated with your business? If so, buy it. If not, don’t.

I just read somewhere that age of a domain also matters, even if it matters upto 20% then I would happily buy the domain. But if Google would consider my site as a new site when all the new content is added by me then I don’t think it would be helpful. I think I would just have to wait for around 6 months to get/expect a better ranking.

The term “domain age” is misleading … it would be better to call it “website age”. A domain that was in use by one site for 5 years and then sold to a completely different site for 3 years and then parked for 3 years and is now up for sale … if you buy that domain and put a new website on it, it’s a new website and Google will treat it as such. The fact that the domain itself has been around for 11 years and recycled three times is neither here nor there. Anyone can buy and old domain name for their new website, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of quality or rankings, so Google doesn’t care about it. It’s only how long that website has been there that matters.

I totally agree to you now. :slight_smile:

It should depend on the name of the domain. I should be relatively short and easy to remember. The extension is also a major factor.

Old domains are like tree it grows from both side. if you have new domain and old domain and both are performing well the only thing is matters is that how you have optimize those websites as design wise and search engine friendly. As we know search engines will give more preference to the old domain. we need to understand that well optimize sites can be more successful than the old domains.

Google does not encourage to buy a old domain.

I have a domain from 1996, have never done anything with it and I’m pretty sure it would be hardly ahead of a new domain if I were to develop them together. So like many others said age is only but small factor in the whole thing… but also age has to do with whether it was active or not. I think…

It is not really worth it in my opinion. I have seen a lot of new domain making it well with SEO.
The only problem is if you made a brand and there is already someone using that domain. Then you may need to reconsider.

One of the reasons that Google became a domain registrar is so that they have access to information about domains - primarily to see when a domain changes ownership.

When both the site on a domain and the owner of the domain change at or near the same time then Google is able to see that it is effectively brand new and can then completely ignore whatever history it had regarding that domain.

Existing backlinks to the domain will only be useful where the new site being set up on the domain is close enough in terms of what it is about that the owners of those links don’t decide to delete them as no longer relevant to visitors to their site.

Effectively if you are buying a domain to host a new site then the domain will be treated as a new domain as any past use of that domain is no longer relevant.

The only time the domain age would be retained when the domain is sold would be if the associated web site was included with it and continued to exist under the new ownership.

Many old domain names are significantly overpriced given that in most cases it will only make a difference to those visitors who actually access the site directly by typing in the name.