Is it worth it to invest in an old domain name?

I have a new business venture but when I look popular keywords, I see that the website who outranks everybody has a domain created in 2002! I just feel that if I create a website with a new domain now, I’ll take a backseat to him.

That is why I considered buying an old domain… preferably 10 or 12 years old. Although, would this have any effort at all, if the website that once used the domain was nothing like mine?

I mean, let’s say my name is Andrew and I wanted to start up Andrew Plumbing and found, or whatever domain, that was a 12 year old domain once used by Andrew Neilson, some Lawyer. He had thousands of back links but they all pertain to lawyers. Is hold any value for me and my business?

I could look into keyword domain names with some good age, but even if I landed something like, there is no guarantee that you’ll get credit over other plumbing sites, unless arrives with excellent backlinks. I just see sites that rank well with domains that feature no keywords. For instance, if you type in “lawyers” in Google, ranks on the first page, although the domain does not mention lawyers. They may have backlinks pointing to their site labeled “lawyers” which is what helps with that, but a keyword domain name isn’t always necessary.

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I doubt that it matters much what the domain is. The more important thing is what content you have on your site, and it will take a while for that to gain credibility and weight in search engines.

Exact domain names are nice to have but not required. I have an domain with an exact keyword match and is getting a lot of traffic from Google. So I guess it really depends on how much it costs to acquire the old domains, and how much search traffic you can get with that keyword.

If you buy an old domain name and basically demolish the old website and create a completely new one that has nothing to do with the old one - not just a ground-up redesign but something totally unrelated, as it sounds like you are wanting to do - Google will consider it as a new website. The fact that the domain has been around for ages won’t make any difference, because your site about plumbing is very clearly not the site that has built up several years of credibility.

If it’s a great domain name, go for it … but go for it because you’re buying a great domain name … you won’t benefit from the previous site’s ranking or history so you don’t need to consider that.

I have purchased quite a few domains in-order to try to gain traffic and more then not it takes a lot of time with very little pay off. The one that that I actually get some traffic from is but it took a lot of research and time to find that and the other 10 I purchased have not done much. There are probably better ways to spend your time and money.

Old domain used only for getting traffic . But if you think that Google will going to consider as the old one then it wrong … Google will again consider it as a new one if you’re going to start it again

Search engine really count age factor a lot. Old age website rank webs on search engine. That is good idea of buying an old website with high age factor…

As I said in #4, that’s only true if you want to continue developing the website along its existing lines. If all you’re doing is buying an old domain name and you’re going to apply it to a completely unrelated site, you’ll get no advantage at all from the age factor.

I agree with if you try to redesign the whole website business service like if your website is for car sale and you complete change core business with other business service then surly age factor will not play a part. You can redesign the website with same business service…

If you do opt to go for an existing domain that has been around for a time, check that it is not currently black-listed on google.

Type in “” into google, that will show if it is currently indexed. If it does not show up, start worrying.

As said by others, I think it would only be worthwhile buying a domain in the same niche that you are targeting.

Have a look at this YouTube video from Matt Cutts, one of the public faces of google. It was made a couple of years ago, but I assume it still holds some relevance.

YouTube - How much does a domain's age affect its ranking?

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